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Sofia, Bulgaria, 2nd : I am venturing myself to be a shy tourist

Sofia, Bulgaria, 2nd : I am venturing myself to be a shy tourist

  • Author: ttt
  • Date Posted: Août 14, 2014
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  • Address: Ploshtad "Sv.Aleksandar Nevski", Sofia, Bulgarie

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The second act begins in the Bulgarian oven. I am disguised in a trendy urban style. My camera betrays my traits of tourist that I was trying to hide.

I don’t like tourists. They besiege my beaches and take my roads in hostage. They dress without respect for their dignity. I don’t want to someone think I am one of them, and I do not want to find in a Bulgarian citizen, as arrogant as mine, this disdain against me.

When it comes to take a picture, it must be done with style. Caulked in a Façonnable collarless shirt, emboldened thanks to my polarized sunglasses, and armed with my red camera, a Fujifilm X A1, it doesn’t matter if I look like a tourist; beautiful places and beautiful atmospheres expect to lie down on my pellicle.


I am scraping the sweat on my forehead with my hand. I am screwing my lense. The view is flattered several times. First by countless paved roads snaking between old buildings, which are renovated with a matte pastel. The old remains among the old. Secondly, by the parks and squares you find every street corner, and that harmonizes a table that didn’t lack balance.

The hearing isn’t outdone. The rolling of the wheels on the ancestor of the bitumen, nicely mask the sound of the engines; and in the green spaces, the park conversations helped by fountains and children muted the sounds around.


I do not know yet how to value the photogeny of parks and squares; probably a matter of brightness, and that the picture has been taken from ground level. I will wait my come back in Sofia in automn to train myself. I am sorry that these pictures don’t pay tribute to the parks that enchanted me.




And even if Sofia still have a lot to give me, facades and paved roads has finished to astonish me for the day :



The tourist angle stops there for now; actually my goal was to feel the daily and the atmosphere in Sofia, and trying to project myself here. Not to visit. For now, it’s the nightlife that interest me; my daywork and daytime sport, fill the period that separates two twilights; and some visits and reportings, some challenges about reading Cyrillic, will fill the few holes left in my schedule.


Le Motto

The city is lively. Each street can be explored through its squares, bars and pubs that strew even the most hidden sidewalk. Some courtyards can be guessed behind bland buildings capped by some explicit calligraphy : VIP ROOM, FRENCH TOUCH, MOTTO ( LOUNGE BAR, etc.


Ancient stone arbors, fly over your head when entering old palaces and mansions, transformed now in fancy bars and restaurant, such as the « Moskovska 15 » below, which I will talk about later as it deserves an entire article.



In the city, dresses and suits are dressing beautiful people, and as the taxi drove me to Vitosha, the main pedestrian street bordered by restaurants, I was thinking that Sofia is a beautiful schizophrenic, from who every aspect of her personality has to be liked.


I’m hurrying up, I have to meet Nicolas, from Warning-Trading for interview him; and then i am going towards Varna!


◄ Sofia, first footsteps Varna, the Bulgarian Riviera ▶



And to end in a good note :