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Sofia, Bulgaria : first footsteps.

Sofia, Bulgaria : first footsteps.

  • Author: ttt
  • Date Posted: Août 12, 2014
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  • Address: Shipka Street 14, Sofia, Bulgaria

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No emphasis, no hyperbole, is able to prettify the story of my arrival in this new country.

Firstly – apart from Nice airport which ends its beautiful « Promenade des Anglais » – it is uncommon that the airports surround themselves with beautiful districts and adorn themselves with photogenic landscapes. They are accustomed to move to the suburbs and campaigns. Sofia is not an exception to this urban logical.
Secondly because I’m drowning in a flood of preconceived images, fed by some photos gleaned from few sites, and I imagined that my first Bulgarian footstep would have been close to an effervescent business center, adorned by buildings with turgid excesses. Such as people described me it. But helped by a grotesque Cyrillic alphabet, Sofia failed to seduce me at first sight. Not even the hot hostess.



Suite Hotel Crystal Palace.

Then I entered into this yellow cab, a metal phallus in order to penetrate the beautiful Sofia. He asked me to pay 4,10 euros for the trick, I gave him 10 since I felt like abusing him. I stayed at the Crystal Palace Hotel where its royal suite was impatient for my coming. This beautiful building, with all its stunning neighbors, halo a park where some Bulgarian fell asleep.

Formalities and courtesies done I went into my room, and found with pleasure a beautiful view over the roofs of Sofia and one of its various parks where Bulgarians are in love, and children are happy.



Cathédrale orthodoxe Alexandre-Nevski de Sofia

The golden rays on balustrade informed me the that the sun is taking its last breath; the gold bomb of Alexander-Nevsky Cathedral will be my last photo for this day. Sofia is pictorial ! A Parisian gouache mixed with a orthodox unctuous painting.

The air is hot; I already imagine an afterwork under Bulgarian latitudes. I can almost imagine myself there. The night’s fatal hit to day is plunging the Bulgarian town in a new environment : that of an European capitals that I love.

Crowded streets, wandering artists, restaurants overflowing that dump their customers on their sidewalks. Sofia is a real capital ! I still hesitated to leave Vilnius. I still hesitated about living in Bratislava; I had still to visit Budapest. I think Sofia, with its false Parisian lineaments, at one hour of flight and less than 100 euros from the fantastic city of Istanbul, Athens and the Greek Islands, and 40 minutes from Varna, the Bulgarian Ibiza, has won.
I already imagine trading a morning sessions at some cofee’s terraces, being a witness of the awakening of this city.


Добре дошли в София !


◄ Vilnius, the beginning Sofia, the shy tourist ▶


And to end in the best way :