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Vilnius, since it takes a beginning

Vilnius, since it takes a beginning

  • Author: ttt
  • Date Posted: Août 11, 2014
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  • Address: Gedinimo Prospect, Vilnius, Lithuania

Sofia, first footsteps ▶



I’m going to travel !


Actually, I wondered how to start this blog ?

So I have tried to rationalize.


My first reflection was : since it’s a blog, it must be read and liked.

Although, has came an existential question about an egotistic drift to which I have proudly resisted for a long time : to share a daily became marginal due to standards sedentary and homebody life, sullied by a « work-eat-sleep » loop. According to the main use of the word « marginal » – which often connotes in a negative way the judgment it qualifies – it was a wrong choice, since I‘m intending to share with you an unusual trader’s quite idyllic life. Without any pretension.

Whence these questions about the ego. Do I really need to share it ? Does Internet and the socials networks have led me to this exhibitionist behaviour, which sometimes, i’d rather warn you, could come close to the ostentatious ? No, in their time, Columbus also told his travels and the #selfie bore the noble name of self-portrait. I’m a human just like you, I like what I am living. Seneca (once a book has accidentally been read by me), wrote to Lucilius, that the knowledge is worthless if it isn’t shared. By anology, I’m going to share with you my traveler/trader/business man’s daily life. Here I’m satisfied, I have convinced myself  I don’t write for my ego.


After these some peregrinations, that none would qualify of mental masturbation, let’s come back to the main concern about I would like this blog will be read and liked. I’m going to write for myself, I won’t prostitute myself to seduce some readers. Manu authors and artists write and compose for their public; so few for them fo now. Demagogy cant take up its quarters here.


This concludes my internal debate about how to ensure that it will be read and liked… well, I will stick to myself, hoping it will be enough, understood that this hope’s shadow make the night on Vilnius, while this sweet afternoon is coming to its end. I’m in one of these numerous « coffee inn », where libraries mix up with tea’s salon. My computer on my lap, I’m on antics sofas, which became beds as my posture is getting horizontal. A schizophrenia well helped by the soporific greenhouse effect due to the large windows facing the main avenue, Gedinimo prospect, and the comfortables cushions corduroy, which welcome me with some venal ambitions.


My second reflection was : well, what shall I write in my first article ?

I had two options. But at the very beginning of my premises, I have got lost in a cerebral maze made by synapses without issues.

I would have liked transmit a very positive energy for my first bill; it would have been full of cheerfulness, of pep, of humour, to make you understand the happiness fed by this adventure made by travels, business’s creation, and forex trading, sport and healthy and balanced lifestyle, and meetings. Mainly meetings ! Somehow, as it says, we are the summation of all the persons and personalities we have met. Thereby I’m hoping to become even better by meeting better humans. And, to end it, I’ve just figured out I didn’t need to twist my meninges, since the last combinaison of letters in this sentence is already my 551th word.


DSCF0022Here we are ! I’m Pascal, but you can call me John, and I’m going to travel. Departure to Sofia, Bulgaria, tomorrow at the first baltics hours.






Sofia, first footsteps ▶



And to end in the best way :